Chatsworth Country show 2015. Zone focusing and ice cream..

I love a country show.
It’s such an interesting place to wander around. Sights to see, goodies to buy and ice cream to eat.

Now imagine a country show in an as awesome a setting as Chatsworth house!

I managed a quick wander at the Show on the fabulous grounds outside the Show this year and thought I’d do some ‘Zone Focus’ experiments.
Zone focusing involves preset focal distances so that you don’t have to worry about things like auto focus. It can be a very discret way of working as you don’t even have to lift the camera to your eye whilst doing it!
Simply preset your aperture to a select F stop that enables a good range of depth of field capture, maybe f5.6 or f8 and then choose a shutter speed to match. Around 250th of a second enables great freeze frame action, eliminates a camera shake and lets you shoot from the hip/shoot quick with out getting noticed.
Now look at your focal distance. I tend to work from a point at around 2 metres away. This means that anything from 2 meters away will be in focus. This distance is a very ‘safe’ distance meaning you can work unnoticed, photograph the goings on around you without breaking into peoples personal space.

It can be a challenge working like this, you will have to constantly check your exposure due to changes in the weather, environment and darting in and out of buildings (or tents) but it is quite addictive!

Zone focusing is a work in progress for me.
I used My little Xpro-1 and an 18mm prime for the majority of the time along with a 35mm and 50-140 every now and again.

More images over on facebook!



Chatsworth country show 2015 (8 of 18)

Chatsworth country show 2015 (7 of 18)

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