Getting the best from a portrait session.

photographer derby

Interestingly, photographing portraits is easy.
I shouldn’t be saying this, but shooting portraits is an easy thing to do.

However, it all depends on the style of portraits you are looking to achieve.

As photographers, we all have our own techniques, tricks and individual styles that sets us apart from others but these aside, really great portraits come from the relationship between the sitter and the photographer.

The relationship between the portrait sitter and the photographer is really important.
The ‘patter’ a photographer may come out with during the sitting reflects the out come.

I have an ongoing project stripping a portrait sitting back to basics.
By controlling the environment, in this case a clean white back ground, a single side light blasting through a shoot through brolly and a simple stool to sit on, the only variable in the situation is my relationship with the sitter.

For this, the images are all shot ‘Straight out of camera’ from the Fuji Xt-1, black and white and with a square crop.

It’s amazing seeing the similarities between the images fade away into individual portraits that celebrate the sitter. From understanding insecurities, discovering the ‘mask’ people put on or simply just putting together a selection of images of people laughing, documenting the relationship between photographer and sitter has become a bit of an addiction!

The best bit is, this style of photography can be done anywhere! From pub function rooms to boardrooms, the simplicity of this has so many applications!

So, to get the best out of a portrait sitting, whatever the reason for the commission, I’d say embrace it.
Jump in, just go with it…

The more ‘into’ the sitting you are, the more awesome the portraits!

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