Event photography. Party portraits!

Derby event photographer

We love a good party!
Stacey’s was awesome!

We can put a studio anywhere so we took one down to Stretton Social club and voila, shot through the night!

Event photograph isn’t just event photography to me. It’s all about ‘party portraits’. Awesome portraits of awesome people shot awesomeley!

From Christmas parties, birthdays and family celebrations through to black tie balls, charity functions and more we can come down, photograph your guests and if needed, supply prints or people can order online.

Each event is different so there isn’t any real ‘set formula’. Portraits can take on a more formal approach or can be fun and funky. Most events tend to be a bit of both though.
Events can also be shot with a documentary style, a more candid approach photographing your guests as they chill out, relax and have fun.

So if’ you have a party coming up, get in touch, We can definitely help!

studio@michaelrowlands.co.uk – 07790 011 278


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