Backstage… Production photography.

So I got a phone call. Long distance.

There was a french lady on the phone.
She asked me if I could come and do some production and back stage photography for a little company called The ‘Cirque du Soleil’…….

Woah mumma.. YES PLEASE I hope i didn’t shout down the phone.

Next up I was access all areas at the Capital FM arena in Nottingham when they bought their final tour of Alegria to town.
We set up a studio backstage and shot performer portraits of all the cast and production crew then whilst the show was on we photographed the performers backstage and whilst they were in between scenes, waiting to go on or going about their production work.
It was a fascinating and surreal scene. Clowns reading whilst acrobats warmed up on a trampoline. Gymnasts were upside whilst the crew chatted amongst themselves watching the show on screen.
The performers I’d just photographed were sitting in front of mirrors in between shipping crates applying fabulous make up! It was amazing to be part of! Amazing.

If you have a theatre company, performance troupe or film production needing some behind the scenes photography, get in touch and we’ll make it work.

All images @ Michael Rowlands. Don’t use in any way you shouldn’t…

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