SWA design. Derby Web developers and all round nice chaps.

It’s nice to be nice.
So lets be nice about some nice chaps!

SWA design, Web developers and internet tinkering people.
I can be quite impulsive, I have an idea and voila.. It needs to happen.

Haydn over at SWA is my go to guy for things that happen on the internet. If it’s a website for a new little collective we’ve got planned ( www.derbyphotographers.org ) or a word press theme for our 5 minute portrait project he’s the chap that says ‘yes’..

He also sometimes however says…’ have you thought about this’ which is why it’s great having an expert on tap.
My advice with most things is.. ‘Go with what you know’ and my knowledge about the world wide web isn’t as great as Haydn’s.
Having his insight just makes life easier.

We also photographed him.

Haydn Bowley

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